Voice Festival

2023 Voice Festival

Date: March 4, 2023


Location: UNO


Registration Deadline:  February 1, 2023

Makeups: Wednesday, March 1, 2023
Atonement Lutheran School


Held in January, February or March, this is the biggest activity of our year!  Participants perform and receive an evaluation rated on individual merits.  This encourages a high standard of achievement while stimulating interest in American and world music literature.  Sponsored by the National Federation of Music Clubs, the Gold Cup Awards keep the Junior members focused on continuing their musical training.  Judges also choose the most outstanding performers to be featured in our annual Honors Recital.

Chairman:  Bonnie Knowles
For more information on the Voice Festival, Email Bonnie Knowles


NEW FOR 2023
ALL registration will be done through VIVACE. Please check with the Chairmen for additional details.

2023 MMC Voice Festival Instructions
MMC Festival Work Schedule 2023

LFMC Guidelines for Junior Counselors (2023 form pending)

Transfer Student Form (JR 3-1)
Student Event History (JR 3-11)
SCJM Application (JR 3-13)
12 Year Superior Application (JR 3-16)

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