January 2019

Program Presenters:
Rachel Abbate, Mezzo-Soprano
Dr. Carol Britt, Piano

December 2018

Program Presenters:
L-R: Rachel Abbate, Irene Vile, LoAnn Menzel, Carol Britt, Iris Villarrubia, Diana Cangemi, and Bonnie Knowles perform Christmas songs

November 2018

Program Presenters:

Ms. Sue Aysen and Friends

October 2018

Program Presenters:
Mr. André Chiang, Baritone
Dr. Robin Williams, Piano

pictured with Melanie Perez (left)- Chairman, NFMC Young Artist Competition

September 2018

Program Presenters:
Dr. Sarah Perez, Clarinet
Jan Grimes, Piano

Jeri Landry (center)receiving Southeastern Regional
Award for Leadership in Music in Poetry

pictured with Mary Monsted (left)-MMC President and
Margarita Harvey (right)-Chairman, NFMC Music in Poetry

February 2018

Program Presenters:
Dr. Robin Williams-Piano
Dr. Carol Britt-Piano

January 2018 

Program Presenters:
Raul Esquivel-Flute
Dr. Carol Britt-Piano