Voice Competition

Metairie Music Club 2021 Voice Competition

Date: May 22, 2021

Location – UNO Recital Hall 

Application Deadline: May 10, 2021

The Metairie Music Club will sponsor a Voice Competition in 2021.

2021 Voice Competition Winners

Middle School Division (6th-8th Grades)

1st place ($200) -Catherine Boquet (student of Megan Dearie)
2nd place ($100) – Meredith Severa (student Bonnie Knowles)
3rd place  ($50) -Keri Evelyn Neumann (student of Bonnie Knowles)


High School Division (9th-12th Grades)

1st Place ($200) – Lillian Cazabon (student of Bonnie Knowles)
2nd Place ($100) – Beatriz Frazier (student of Bonnie Knowles)
3rd Place ($50) – Olivia Olson (student of Megan Dearie)

 2021 Voice Competition Middle School Division Winners
 (L-R): Catherine Boquet, Meredith Severa, Keri Evelyn Neumann

2021 Voice Competition High School Division Winners
(L-R): Olivia Olson, Beatriz Frazier, Lillian Cazabon


2021 Voice Competition Participants


2020 Voice Competition Winners

Middle School Division (6th-8th Grades)

1st place ($200) -Mary Ella Bozeman                           
2nd place ($100) – Clay Kinler
3rd place  ($50) -Keri Evelyn Neumann


High School Division (9th-12th Grades)

1st Place ($200) – Mia DiGiovanni
2nd Place ($100) – Beatriz Frazier
3rd Place ($50) – Lillian Cazabon
Honorable Mention-Emily Moree

 2020 Voice Competition Middle School Division Winners

(L-R): Mary Ella Bozeman (1st),  Clay Kinler (2nd), Keri Evelyn Neumann (3rd)

2020 Voice Competition High School Division Winners

(L-R): Mia DiGiovanni (1st), Beatriz Frazier (2nd), Lillian Cazabon (3rd),        and Emily Moree (Honorable Mention)


Rules and Regulations:

1) Entrants must be current members of a Junior Club affiliated with the Metairie Music Club. They must be entered into the competition by a teacher who  a) is a member in good standing of the Metairie Music Club;  b) attends a meeting or participates in one club function prior to the competition; c) was a member of MMC during the year prior to competition.

2) The competition will be divided into two divisions:
Middle School Division – students in grades 6-8
High School Division – students in grades 9-12

3) Repertoire will consist of three memorized pieces.  The entrant will  choose one song to perform and the judges will choose a second.

Middle School:  Difficulty level equal to Junior I or higher (consult NFMC bulletin for examples)
One Art Song in English
One Musical Theatre selection from any period
One selection from either genre but of different style or period (AS) or from a different show than the first piece (MT)

High School: Difficulty level equal to Senior I or higher (consult NFMC bulletin for examples)
One Art Song in English
One Musical Theatre selection (pre or post-1968)
One Art Song in a foreign language (no operatic arias) 

All selections should be age and gender-appropriate as well as suited to the student’s vocal and musical abilities

All repertoire is subject to review by the chairman prior to the competition.            

4) First place winners may not compete again in the same division but may progress from the Middle to the High School Division.

5) Trophies will be given to the winners in addition to the following cash awards which will be provided by the Metairie Music Club:
1st Place – $200.00 in each division
2nd Place – $100.00 in each division
3rd Place – $50.00 in each division

6) Judges are not obligated to award any prizes and no awards will be given by default. Students will receive written comments from the judges and all decisions are final.

7) No music will be provided to the judges. Accompanists may use photocopied music only if an original score is available onsite.

8) No late entries will be accepted.  No changes may be made to repertoire after an application has been submitted.

9) Application and Adjudication Form can be downloaded below and should be submitted by the teacher, not a student or parent.

10) Entry fee is $10.00 per student and is non-refundable.

11) Teachers will need to send the following to register their students:
       1.  Completed Application Form (for each student)
       2.  Two (2) copies of the completed Adjudication Form (for each student)
       3.  Check (no cash) payable to Metairie Music Club to:

Bonnie Knowles
Voice Competition Chairman
101 Homestead Avenue
Metairie, LA   70005

Download 2021 MMC Voice Competition Application Form.
Download 2021 Voice Competition Adjudication Form.
Download Release Form for MMC Events

Email Chairman Bonnie Knowles if you have questions or need additional details.

2021 MMC Voice Competition Information:

Deadline to register:   May 10, 2021
Competition Date:       May 22, 2021
Location:                     UNO Recital Hall

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