National Music Week

98th Annual National Music Week
May 2-9, 2021


2021 Theme: “Music… is A Storyteller”

Sponsored by the National Federation of Music Clubs

National Music Week, celebrated by the National Federation of Music Clubs, was originated to focus attention on the value and enjoyment of music throughout our nation, to make the public aware of the importance of all forms of music in our lives and to encourage the participation of both the performer and the listener. It is observed during the first full week of May.

The Metairie Music Club observes National Music Week with two fun activities for our Juniors. Student must be a member of a Junior Club in the Metairie Music Club to participate.



Bookmark Contest

Metairie Music Club sponsors a Bookmark Contest for its Junior members. The winning bookmark will be printed, and the chairman will deliver bookmarks to all relevant locations as he/she determines, i.e. local schools, libraries, retail music venues, etc. during National Music Week. Deadline is December 1. Application forms are available below and from the chairman.

2019-2020 MMC Bookmark Contest Winners

Bookmark Contest Overall Winner: Mandy Zheng  


Front Row: (L-R) Arya Ning, Viola Prilmeier, Aaron James Zheng, Julianne Jiles, Cesily Stine
Back Row: (L-R) Emily Chen,Vivien Wang, Truc Tong,  Alex Wang,  Mandy Zheng (Overall Winner)
Absent- Haiyin Qui, Tiffany Li,
Teachers:  Dr. Chia-Hsing Lin (left) and Mrs. Elena Bowes (right)


Division 1 (preK-Kindergarten):
1st Place Winner:  Arya Ning

Division 2 (1st-2nd Grade):
1st Place Winner:  Viola Prilmeier

Division 3 (3rd-4th Grade):
1st Place Winner:  Julianne Jiles

Division 4 (5th–6th Grade):
1st Place Winner:  Haiyin Qiu

Division 5 (7th–8th Grade):
1st Place Winner:  Vivien Wang

Division 6 (9th–12th Grade):
1st Place Winner:  Truc Trong

Division 1 (pre K-Kindergarten):
Honorable Mention:  NONE

Division 2 (1st–2nd Grade):
Honorable Mention:  Aaron James Zheng

Division 3 (3rd–4th Grade):
Honorable Mention:  Cesily Stine

Division 4 (5th–6th Grade):
Honorable Mention:  Emily Chen

Division 5 (7th–8th Grade):
Honorable Mention:  Tiffany Li

Division 6 (9th–12th Grade):
Honorable Mention:  Alex Wang


Bookmark Contest Rules

Bookmark entries must be submitted on the form provided below.

1. Only drawings that express the above theme will be considered.
2. Designs may be submitted either in black and white or in color.
3. Designs must be dark enough, neat enough, and clear enough to be reprinted.
4. Designs may be vertical or horizontal, but must fit into the space provided below.
5. Bookmarks will be judged on neatness, expression of theme, and artistic ability.
6. Only one submission per student is allowed.
7. All email entries must be in PDF format.

AWARDS: A medal will be awarded to one winner and a certificate to one honorable mention winner in each division.
A trophy will be awarded to one overall winner, and that design will appear on the MMC bookmark to be distributed to
club members, music retail stores and other appropriate venues.

I. Pre-K & Kindergarten
II. Grades 1 & 2
III. Grades 3 & 4
IV. Grades 5 & 6
V. Grades 7 & 8
VI. Grades 9 – 12

Download National Music Week Bookmark Contest Application 2021

Send Forms to Chairman Louis Hackett.
For information on any National Music Week activity, contact chairman Louis Hackett for details.

Essay Contest

To provide incentive for students in grades 2 – 4, 5 – 8 and 9 – 12 to write essays on the National Music Week Themes, the Metairie Music Club sponsors an essay contest for its Junior members. Deadline is December 1. Essay is judged on content, grammar and syntax.


2019-2020 MMC -National Music Week Essay Contest Overall Winner:  Truc Tong



(L-R) Julianne Jiles, Jasmine Henry, Christine Tseng, Vivien Wang, Mandy Zheng, Truc Tong (Overall Winner), Dr. Chia-Hsing Lin
Absent:  Haiyin Qiu


Division 1 (2nd – 4th Grade):
1st Place Winner:  Julianne Jiles

Division 2 (5th – 8th Grade):
1st Place Winner: Haiyin Qiu

Division 3 (9th – 12th Grade):
1st Place Winner: Vivien Wang


Division 1 (2nd – 4th Grade):
Honorable Mention: Jasmine Henry

Division 2 (5th – 8th Grade):
Honorable Mention:  Christine Tseng

Division 3 (9th – 12th Grade):
Honorable Mention: Mandy Zheng

CONGRATULATIONS to our Metairie Winners!

Essay Contest Rules

There are now three divisions:
Division I    Grades 2-4
Division II   Grades 5-8
Division III  Grades 9-12

Contest Rules:
1. Only essays that express the above theme will be considered.
2.  All entries must be typed.
3.  No entry can be longer than 500 words.
4. Essays will be judged on content, neatness, and legibility.
5. Only one submission per student is allowed.
6. All submissions must include the Essay Contest 2021 Form (cover letter) in order to be considered.
7. All email submissions must be in PDF format.

AWARDS:  A medal will be awarded to one OVERALL WINNER.

(Students in grades 7 – 12 may also submit their essays to the NFMC Essay Contest. This NFMC deadline is February 1.  State winners will receive a $50 prize.  See LFMC website and NFMC website for details and application form.)

Download National Music Week Essay Contest 2021 Form (Cover Letter)

Send Essay along with NMW Essay Form(Cover Letter) to Chairman Louis Hackett.
For information on any National Music Week activity, contact Louis Hackett for details.

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