Junior Composers Contest

The Metairie Music Club Junior Composers Contest encourages Junior members to develop their talents in composition.

2023-2024 Application Deadline:  Must be received by Jr. Composers Contest Chairman by November 1, 2023


2023-2024 Junior Composers Contest Winners



Eliza Morin, 13, Winter Wind – piano (Donna Ancar)

Junior Class I – Ages 9 and under

CLASS I WINNER: Melania Freedman, 9, Red Roses – piano (Robin Williams)

CLASS I HONORABLE MENTION for Excellent Use of Dynamics: Nathan Kraemer, 8, A Boy’s Imagination – piano (Melanie Perez)

CLASS I HONORABLE MENTION for Expert Use of a Melodic Sequence: David Perez, 8, I Got an Ice Cream – piano (Melanie Perez)

CLASS I HONORABLE MENTION for Great Use of Piano Range: Liam Perez, 9, A Chinese Life – piano (Melanie Perez)

CLASS I HONORABLE MENTION for Most Descriptive and Creative Title: Samuel Perez, 8, The Wet Dog – piano (Melanie Perez)

CLASS I HONORABLE MENTION for Best Use of Articulation and Phrasing: Sabrina Schettler, 9, Popsicle – piano (Melanie Perez)

Junior Class II – Ages 10-12

CLASS II WINNER: Siyan Li, 12, Acorn Festival – piano (Melanie Perez)

CLASS II HONORABLE MENTION for Expert Use of Chromaticism: Gabriel Kraemer, 11, Spooky Caboose- piano (Melanie Perez)


Junior Class III – Ages 13-15

CLASS III WINNER: Sophia Perez, 13, First Notes of Spring – piano and voice (Melanie Perez)

CLASS III HONORABLE MENTION for Excellent Melodic Writing: Ava Mai, 13, The Night Dances –piano (Melanie Perez)

CLASS III HONORABLE MENTION for Most Fun to Play: Vedant Ramesh, 13, The Art of Playfulness – piano (Evan Arceneaux)

Junior Class IV – Ages 16-18

CLASS IV WINNER: Nicholas Chen, 16, So on and so Fourth –piano (Melanie Perez)

CLASS IV HONORABLE MENTION for Expert Use of Dynamics: Anthony D’Antonio, 18, Sorrows Passing By – piano (Diana Cangemi)

CLASS IV HONORABLE MENTION for Cool and Complex Rhythmic Writing: Alaina Mai, 17, The Story of Two Souls  piano (Melanie Perez)

CLASS IV HONORABLE MENTION for Grooviest Bass Line: Noah Richard, 16, King of Swing – piano (Evan Arceneaux)

CLASS IV HONORABLE MENTION for Best Use of Form: Antonio Taffaro, 18, Waltz No. 1 – piano (Margarita Harvey)



1. Entrant must be a member of a Junior Club in the Metairie Music Club and be a student of a member in good standing of the Metairie Music Club.
2. Only one composition per student may be entered. There is no entry fee.
3. Entry must be notated by hand on manuscript paper BY THE STUDENT or may be computer generated BY THE STUDENT.
4. Place title, composer’s name, age and classification in the upper right corner of each sheet.
5. Entries will be judged in four divisions**:
Junior Class I – ages 9 and under
Junior Class II – ages 10 – 12
Junior Class III – ages 13 – 15
Junior Class IV – ages 16 – 18
**For the 2023-2024 submissions: Ages [for Division placement] are determined as of March 1, 2024.

6. Compositions will be judged on content, musicianship and neatness.
7. Metairie Music Club Contest Deadline for entries: All compositions must be sent as a PDF document. Compositions must be emailed and received by the Chairman by November 1, 2023. Late entries will not be accepted.
8.  Do not send a recording. The judge will make comments and the students can use these comments to improve their composition.
9. Awards: Trophy will be awarded to Overall Winner. Class winners will earn First Place medals.

Send composition and entry form to Chairman Melanie Perez by November 1, 2023.  Scores and application may be emailed. For additional information, Email Melanie Perez.

Download MMC Junior Composers Contest Entry Form.

In addition to the MMC Composers Contest, the student may submit their composition to LFMC and NFMC. The LFMC and the NFMC also sponsor Junior Composers Contests. State, Regional and National Awards range from $25 – $200. NFMC Junior Composers Contest Deadline is February 1. See LFMC website and NFMC website for details and application forms.

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