Honors Recital

 LFMC Metairie District 2023 Honors Recital

Date:  March 18, 2023
10:00 AM
Location:  University of New Orleans Performing Arts Center


The Metairie Music Club generally has about 400 Junior members participate in Junior Festivals. Our judges are asked to select the “Cream of the Crop” to be featured in an Honors Recital held at Tulane University or University of New Orleans. Only about 10% of Junior members are chosen for this honor!  Congratulations to all!

Chairman: Megan Dearie
For more information on the Honors Recital, Email Megan Dearie.

Thanks to Honors Recital Chairman Megan Dearie for organizing the wonderful 2022 Recital Program and to the University of New Orleans for hosting the event!

 2022 Honors Recital Participants

The performers for the program represent the studios of the following MMC teachers:

Evan Arceneaux   Lou Bush   Diana Cangemi   Meme Coniglio   Megan Dearie   Louis Hackett
Benjamin Hart   Brigid Higgins    Lauren Lemmler   Mirka Jichova   Melanie Perez


 2021 Honors Recital 


Metairie Music Club did not have a 2021 Honors Recital due to COVID restrictions. The following students (listed alphabetically) earned the honor of performing for the recital. Congratulations to everyone!!!
Student Event
Phillip Antis Violin Solo
Lillian Cazabon Vocal Solo, Musical Theatre
Lillian Cazabon Vocal Solo, Art Song
Derek Chen Piano Solo
Derek Chen Piano Duet
Nicholas Chen Piano Duet
Andrew Cooper Piano Solo
Anjali Dasa Piano Solo
Mia DiGiovanni Vocal Solo, Art Song
Beatriz Frazier Vocal Solo, Musical Theatre
Abigail Harrison Piano Solo
Hunter Hicks Piano Solo
Isabelle Higgins Vocal Solo, Musical Theatre
Eseose Ituah Violin Solo
Kavia Mallik Cello Solo
Gabriel Park Piano Solo
Annette Pelle Viola Solo
Sophia Perez Piano Solo
Advait Ramesh Piano Concerto
Antonio Taffaro Piano Solo
Tory Tran Piano Solo
Daniel Tran Piano Solo
Rebecca Vindel Piano Solo
Matthew Vuong Piano Solo


These are students of Evan Arceneaux, Guzel Bilyalova, Meme Coniglio, Megan Dearie, Louis Hackett, Margarita Harvey, Brigid Higgins, Mirka Jichova, Bonnie Knowles, Lauren Lemmler, Kurt Mundstedt, Sylvia Palmer, Melanie Perez, Tatiana Pino, Robin Williams and Mario Zavala.




 2019 Honors Recital Participants


2019 LFMC Metairie District
Honors Recital Participants-Piano

2019 LFMC Metairie District
Honors Recital Participants-String

2019 LFMC Metairie District
Honors Recital Participants-Voice

 2018 Honors Recital Participants

2018 LFMC Metairie District
Honors Recital Participants-Piano, String and Voice

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