Honors Recital

 LFMC Metairie District 2019 Honors Recital

Date:  March 9, 2019

Location:  University of New Orleans
Performance Arts Complex-Recital Hall

Time:  Students must arrive at 9:30 AM to receive their performance position, award ribbon and be part of a group photograph. The recital will begin promptly at 10 AM.
Dress:  Sunday Best

The Metairie Music Club generally has about 400 Junior members participate in Junior Festivals. Our judges are asked to select the “Cream of the Crop” to be featured in an Honors Recital held at Tulane University or University of New Orleans. Only about 10% of Junior members are chosen for this honor!  Congratulations to all!


Chairman: Megan Dearie
For more information on the Honors Recital, Email Megan Dearie.


 2018 Honors Recital Participants

2018 LFMC Metairie District
Honors Recital Participants-Piano, String and Voice

 2017 Honors Recital Participants

2017 LFMC-Metairie District
Honors Recital Participants-Voice

2017 LFMC-Metairie District
Honors Recital Participants-Piano

2017 LFMC-Metairie District
Honors Recital Participants-Strings

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