Honors Recital

 LFMC Metairie District 2020 Honors Recital

Date:  Cancelled*

*Due to concerns around COVID-19, MMC has made the decision to cancel the 2020 Honors Recital Performance.  MMC would like to thank Megan Dearie for organizing the Recital and preparing the program!

The Metairie Music Club generally has about 400 Junior members participate in Junior Festivals. Our judges are asked to select the “Cream of the Crop” to be featured in an Honors Recital held at Tulane University or University of New Orleans. Only about 10% of Junior members are chosen for this honor!  Congratulations to all!

Chairman: Megan Dearie
For more information on the Honors Recital, Email Megan Dearie.

2020 Program*

Gamba Sonata No. 2 D Major, Mvt. 2 J.S.            Bach

Kavia Mallik, cello
Victor Campbell, accompanist


This Little Rose            Roy

Mary Ella Bozeman, singer
Gloria Cuadrado, accompanist

Creepy Crocodile            Rollin

Joseph Seth Borne, piano

Over the River and Through the Woods            arr. Matz
Siyan Li, piano

Yee Haw            W. Stevens

Antonio Taffaro, piano


Concerto in A Minor, Mvt.1 Allegro            Vivaldi
Phillip Antis, violin

Kristen Valley, accompanist


One Kiss            Romberg

Lillian Cazabon, singer
Diana Cangemi, accompanist


Spanish Fire            Rollin

Lea Bahra, piano


Sonata No. 27 G Major, Mvt. 1            Haydn

Tory Toan Tran, piano

Soliloquy            Brown

Jasmine Wang, piano


Homeward Bound            Keen
Keri Evelyn Neumann & Grace Wilson, vocal duet

Diana Cangemi, accompanist


The Love of My Life            Loewe
Bayleigh Fife, singer

Diana Cangemi, accompanist


Maytime W.A.            Mozart
Jane Owen Coleman, cello

Victor Campbell, accompanist


Tango Dramatico            Rollin

Audrie St. Cyr, piano


Rainbow Prelude            Linn

Daniel Tran, piano


Sunday Morning Revival            Olson

Hunter Hicks, piano


Green Finch and Linnet Bird            Sondheim
Emily Jones, singer

Gloria Cuadrado, accompanist


Salut d’Amour Op. 12            Elgar
Kavia Mallik, violin

Victor Campbell, accompanist


God, Help the Outcasts            Menken
Mary Ella Bozeman, singer

Gloria Cuadrado, singer


Bel Piacere            Handel
Lillian Cazabon, singer

Diana Cangemi, accompanist


Barn Dance            Stevens

Derek Chen, piano


Romania            Marshal 
Adam Young, piano


The performers on today’s program represent the studios of the following LFMC Metairie Music Club teachers:

Guzel Bilyalova                                       Sylvia Palmer
Diana Cangemi                                       Melanie Perez
Megan Dearie                                         Tatiana Pino
Louis Hackett                                          Maria Shuler
Bonnie Knowles                                      Cyprienne Stierwald
Lauren Lemmler                                     Michelle Strain
Kurt Munstedt                                         Irene Vile

These additional students were selected but were not available to perform.
Piano students:
Chris Baron
Nicholas Chen
Carter Crowson
Hannah Duffy
Zosia Freeman
Albert Liu
Sidney Purvis
Vedant Ramesh
Matthew Vuong
Laura Warren
Nuwan Wijesekera

Voice students:
Mia Di Giovanni
Clay Kinler
Olivia Olson
Jane Riley

Teachers of additional performers:

Evan Arceneaux
Lou Bush
Angel Carter
Margarita Harvey
Brigid Higgins
Robin Williams

*Thanks to Megan Dearie for organizing the Recital and preparing the program!!

 2019 Honors Recital Participants

2019 LFMC Metairie District
Honors Recital Participants-Piano

2019 LFMC Metairie District
Honors Recital Participants-String

2019 LFMC Metairie District
Honors Recital Participants-Voice

 2018 Honors Recital Participants

2018 LFMC Metairie District
Honors Recital Participants-Piano, String and Voice

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