Calendar of Events

Metairie Music Club meetings are usually held at 10 AM on the third Wednesday of each month,
September through May.


(ALL dates and locations are tentative.)


No MMC meeting scheduled



Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Monthly Meeting


October 1, 2023
Senior Club and Junior Club dues deadline
International Music Day

October 18, 2023
Monthly Meeting


November 1, 2023
MMC Junior Composers Contest Deadline to MMC Chair
NFMC Parade of American Music Month

November 15, 2023
Monthly meeting


December 1, 2023
MMC National Music Week Bookmark and Essay Contests deadline to MMC Chair

December 13, 2023
Monthly Meeting and Christmas Luncheon


January 10, 2024
National Music Week (NMW) Essay Conest to NFMC Regional Chair

January 17, 2024
Monthly Meeting and F0unders Day Observance

January 27, 2024 (TBA)
Piano and Musicianship Festivals Registration Deadline

January –, 2024 (TBA)
Voice Festival Registration Deadline

January –, 2024 (TBA)
Strings Festival Registration Deadline


February 1, 2024
LFMC/NFMC Junior Composers Contest deadline to NFMC;

February 21, 2024
Monthly Meeting

February –, 2024 (TBA)
Piano and Musicianship Festival – Location UNO

February –, 2024 (TBA)
Strings Festival-Location TBA

February –, 2024 (TBA)
Voice Festival – Location UNO


March 1, 2024
Mrs. W. Carruth Jones Award deadline to State Chair (odd years);
Bevill Award Application & PPSCA Application deadline to State Chair;
Music Outreach report, Yearbook to State Chair

March 2, 2024
Piano Festivals at UNO

March 16, 2024
Junior Convention Deadline

March 15, 2024
Junior Festivals Reports, Founders Day report to State Chairs

March 20, 2023
Monthly Meeting

March TBA
Voice Competition Registration Deadline


April 1, 2024
Choral Music, Music in Poetry, Music in Schools and Colleges, Dance Reports to State Chairs

April 1, 2024
Piano Competition Registration Deadline

April 15, 2024
Chamber Music, Sacred Music Reports to State Chairs

April TBA
Voice Competition – University of New Orleans

April 17, 2024
Monthly Meeting
Program:  Annual Business Meeting

April TBA
Piano Competition -Location: Hall Piano

April __, 2024 (TBA)
LFMC Board of Directors Meeting-Location TBA

April __, 2024 (TBA)
LFMC Convention-Location TBA


May 1, 2024
Past Presidents Assembly, Together We Sing, Folk Music, Senior Club Rating and Evaluation reports to State Chairs

May 4th, 2024
LFMC Junior Convention

May 5-12 2024
101st Annual National Music Week
Theme: “Music… is Yours, Mine, and Ours”

May 15, 2023
Celebrate Strings, Opera reports to State Chairs

May __, 2024 (TBA)
LFMC Junior Convention and Competition-UNO, New Orleans, LA

May 29, 2024  10 am
Monthly Meeting and Spring Luncheon
Program:  Winners of the Metairie Music Club Piano Competition and MMC Voice Competition


June 1, 2024
ASCAP applications to Regional Chair; American Women Composers, NMW reports to State Chairs

June 11-15, 2024
NFMC Convention – Bettendorf, Iowa

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Metairie Music Club, a non-profit organization made up of professional and non-professional individuals interested in the promotion of music in our community, encourages your participation in all of our events.

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