Metairie Music Club

Metairie Music Club Piano Competition

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2016 winners!    
2016 Middle School Winners:
2016 High School Winners:
First Place - Kaylee Prozik
First Place - Benjamin Buller
Second Place - Esther Hu
Second Place - Jules France
Third Place - William Wells
Third Place - Tiago Beaulieu

The Metairie Music Club sponsors a Piano Competition annually in April.  University professors serve as judges. 

Rules and Regulations:

1.  Entrant must be member of a Junior Club in the Metairie Music Club.  The Teacher must attend at least one regular meeting or participate in one club or        district function prior to the competition, and must have been a member for the year preceding the competition.
2.  The competition is divided into two categories:
 Category 1 - students in grades 6 - 8
 Category 2 - students in grades 9 - 12
3.  Entrance fee is $10 per student.  Late entries will not be accepted.  There will be no refunds for absences.
4.  The competition is open to pianists only.  Repertoire must include three memorized pieces representing three of the four historical periods of music (i.e. Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern).
5.  First Place winners are excluded from competition in the following year in the same category, but may progress from Category 1 to Category 2.
6.  Awards are provided by the Metairie Music Club.

First Prize - $100 in each category
Second Prize - $50 in each category
Third Prize - $25 in each category

All judges have the option of not awarding a prize.  All students will receive comments from judges. 

Click here to download Piano Competition Application
Click here to download Piano Competition Teachers List.
The files are in pdf format.  If you are unable to open it, please click the following link to download the free Adobe Reader

Competition is TBA.  Deadline is TBA.  Contact Chairman Margarita Harvey for details.